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Make Flowers Beautiful For All Occasions With Floral Card Holder Picks 

Posted by Lauren Goebel

Feb 5, 2018 10:40:28 AM

Along with Valentine's Day, funerals and anniversaries, flowers are sent every day for a variety of occasions. When someone receives flowers, their first instinct is wanting to know who sent them! The card, which is always secured by some form of card holder, is the first thing that the person looks for. They want to know who made their day by sending flowers.

Themed card holder picks can be very simple but also give bouquets a festive feel and a touch of elegance. They can also be fun and show compassion. Many times, a simple glance at the style of card holder being used can tell you what the flowers are being used for. Below are some great examples of floral card holder picks Royer can provide!

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Complete Your Valentine's Arrangements With Heart Floral Card Holder Picks!

Posted by Tom Seaver

Jan 19, 2016 10:16:53 AM

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, which means florists everywhere are stocking up on all of the supplies they'll need to handle the upcoming rush! Floral card holder picks are most certainly on nearly every florist's list, as a loving message written on a card will be included in the vast majority of arrangements. 

Transparent red and pink floral card holder picks from Royer Corporation are proven to add a subtle, romantic finishing touch to each arrangement they accompany. These elegant heart picks hold cards firmly & can withstand movement & moisture with ease.

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