Make Flowers Beautiful For All Occasions With Floral Card Holder Picks 

Along with Valentine's Day, funerals and anniversaries, flowers are sent every day for a variety of occasions. When someone receives flowers, their first instinct is wanting to know who sent them!.

Surprise & Delight Your Customers With Themed Floral Card Holder Picks

Those who work every day in the floral industry constantly have an eye out for products that have the potential to please customers. Adding products and services that patrons find valuable is key to.

10 Plastic Floral Card Holder Picks That Boost Arrangement Appeal.

For decades, those who put together flower arrangements on a regular basis have used clear, pronged card holder picks. Securing the card has always been the main objective, and these plain picks do a.

Butterfly Themed Floral Card Holder Picks | Florist Product Spotlight

12" Butterfly themed floral card holder picks can add an elegant finishing touch to a variety of arrangements. Available in transparent orange, Royer's butterfly picks are proudly made in the USA. .

Floral Card Holder Picks | Build Your Own Customized Case!

When our customers make suggestions, we listen.   Our new, themed floral card holder picks have been a welcomed addition for floral shops during their first several months on the market. They can.

3 Ways Florists Can Differentiate Their Businesses From Competitors

The retail floral industry is extremely competitive. Whether your floral business is located in a small town or in a large metropolitan area, you're likely in a constant battle to stay ahead of your.

Floral Card Holder Picks | 18" Butterfly | Product Spotlight

18" Butterfly themed floral card holder picks from Royer Corporation provide a beautiful finishing touch to all arrangements that they accompany.  Not only does this floral pick add visual appeal, it.

Stock Up On Heart-Themed Floral Card Holder Picks For Valentine's Day!

Since their launch last year, Royer's 12" heart-themed floral card holder picks have become welcomed additions to arrangements for many florists. Love is one of the strongest emotions tied to giving.

Cross Themed Floral Card Holder Picks | Product Spotlight

Have you ever wanted to add a cross to a floral arrangement or feature a Christian theme? New, cross-themed floral card holder picks provide an elegant finishing touch while securing cards within.

Floral Card Holder Picks Featuring Hearts, Butterflies & Stars

If you're responsible for designing & building floral arrangements, what kind of floral card holder picks do you currently use?  Chances are, you've used the same plain, transparent floral picks for.