Today and Everyday, We Are Thankful For Our Employees

This Thanksgiving season, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for our great employees. Royer continues to thrive because of the bright, hard working, determined people that make.

6" Tiki Swizzle Stick & Cocktail Stirrer | Product Spotlight

Royer Corporation is proud to be known as the industry's "go-to" manufacturer for custom, tiki-themed swizzle sticks & cocktail stirrers. Over the years, our company has worked on a vast number of.

The Swizzle Stick Prize Has Arrived | Pete Weinzettl's Video Spotlight

Earlier this year, we crowned Pete Weinzettl as the winner of our "Show Us How You Swizzle" video contest. If you haven't seen the winning video, please do yourself a favor and watch! As Pete puts.

Can a Swizzle Stick Become a Branding Icon For Your Bar or Restaurant?

Do you remember the days when virtually every bar or restaurant had a distinct, customized swizzle stick that accompanied each and every beverage that was served? Those days are coming back. Now more.

Your Balloon Weight Supplier Search Ends Here.

Since 1977, Royer Corporation has built its brand by designing & manufacturing distinct, quality products that add value. When browsing search engines for balloon weight suppliers and manufacturers,.

Floral Card Holder Picks Featuring Hearts, Butterflies & Stars

If you're responsible for designing & building floral arrangements, what kind of floral card holder picks do you currently use?  Chances are, you've used the same plain, transparent floral picks for.

Developing a Brand Image Before Opening a New Bar or Restaurant

If opening a new bar, restaurant or pub is in your plans, it is critical to spend time establishing your brand. Building the image of your establishment & how it translates in the minds of consumers.

The MAPP Board of Directors Recognizes Royer CEO, Roger Williams

Royer Corporation President & CEO, Roger Williams, was recognized at last week's MAPP (Manufacturers Association For Plastics Processors) Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis for.

Spooky Cocktails To Stir Up On Halloween | The Vampire Martini

If you plan on hosting guests for a Halloween party at your home or business this year, themed cocktails can add a great deal of fun & uniqueness to all gatherings. 

Custom Cocktail Picks, Food Picks & Sandwich Picks | Product Spotlight

Whether garnishing cocktails, sandwiches, appetizers, or other food items, Royer Corporation has you covered. Since 1977, we have provided bars, restaurants, hotels & countless other businesses with.